How Will Abortion Affect Me Physically?


Abortion can affect women in a variety of ways, including long-term physical effects. Some risks of abortion may require medical attention after the procedure. Here is more information about the major medical risks of abortion and what to expect if you’re considering this option.

Physical Risks of Medical Abortion 

Two drugs involved in a medical abortion, also known as the abortion pill, are mifepristone and misoprostol. These drugs work to terminate an existing pregnancy. Some common physical risks of this type of abortion procedure include: 


  • Incomplete abortion, which could lead to infection if not treated

  • Continued pregnancy if the procedure doesn't work

  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding

  • Infection

  • Fever

  • Digestive system discomfort

Risks of Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion works to dilate your cervix and incorporates vacuum aspiration as well as surgical tools to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. 


The most common type of surgical abortion procedure is called dilation and curettage (D&C). Some common risks and complications of this surgical abortion include:


  • Perforation of the uterus

  • Damage to the cervix

  • Scar tissue on the uterine wall

  • Infection

Previous Health Concerns

An abortion procedure calls for certainty about your unique risks before any procedure. If you have previous health concerns, be sure to talk to your medical professional about your eligibility for abortion and any other risks concerning your current health conditions.


The Mayo Clinic states that medical abortion is NOT an option for you if you:

  • Are further than ten weeks along in your pregnancy

  • Have an intrauterine device (IUD) currently in place

  • Have a suspected pregnancy outside of the uterus, known as an ectopic pregnancy.

  • Have certain medical conditions, such as bleeding disorders, certain heart or blood vessel diseases, severe liver, kidney, or lung disease, or an uncontrolled seizure disorder

  • Take a blood thinner or certain steroid medicines

  • Can't make follow-up visits to your provider or don't have access to emergency care

  • Have an allergy to the drugs used

Be Sure of Your Pregnancy Details

To begin getting clarity about your pregnancy, we offer free, self-administered pregnancy tests. We are committed to providing accurate information about pregnancy options, abortion procedure risks and alternatives, and more. 


Schedule a free appointment today to discuss your pregnancy with our compassionate team. We’re here to listen and help you find answers. You are not alone.

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